Spokesperson for outgoing government Transition team, Hannah Tetteh explained government business could not be put on hold because of an incoming government.

Nonetheless, she said government would consider the concerns put forth by the incoming government.

Professor Gyampo who is a fellow at the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) said the outgoing NDC government has to be transparent to the incoming government in its dealings.

"You do not give handover notes to an incoming administration while you go behind to secretly sign contracts," he said.

The lecturer, believes that government could sign contracts but it has to be done with the full knowledge of the incoming government.

"If life and death contracts have to be signed, it has to be done with the transition committee in the know," he stressed.

This, he said has to be done in order to avoid issues of judgement debt which might crop up if the incoming government abrogates a contract it feels uncomfortable with.