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I write this personal epistle to you Nana Akufo-Addo, president of Ghana. Hope you find it worthy. I listened, read and wrote about your inaugural speech.

I was inspired! I took home with me many phrases of inspiration from your speech. I felt proud. Not only because your oratory and presentation skills are peerless in our current democratic dispensation but because for a long time, I never felt a sense of sincerity and conviction in the utterances of the public officers who made them.

Even when you were choking through the speech, I could have sworn, I sympathized with you, cringing in my seat just as your teary wife did on the dais. And when you recovered from the stormy cough to end that great speech I said to myself this is once again a demonstration of the steely determination that got you up there when many had said you will be down there, never to be president.

I got home tired but refreshed only to hear, that portions of your great speech had been plagiarized. I was embarrassed.

I listened to the words of George Bush played side-by-side with yours on Joy FM and I was let down. I went to facebook and you were all over the place trending, not for your wonderful delivery, confidence and determination but for a plagiarised material.

Every status on facebook for a moment had something on plagiarism. On Whatsapp and telegram it was worse! Every group I belonged to, had people either defending you or tearing you into shreds. And this is your first day at work. You have four more years, at least.

But I went back to listen to the words you plagiarised. Not the one belonging to Bill Clinton but the one made by Woodrow Wilson which was also plagiarized by George Bush.

"I ask you to be citizens: Citizens, not spectators. Citizens, not subjects; responsible citizens building your communities and our nation."

The elders have asserted that it is only upon the death of the frog that the real length of it is well established. This adage could well pass for the Upper West Regional branch of the National Democratic Congress (NDC).That is cut and dried!

There have been talks, blames and counter blames about what could have possibly led to the painful defeat of the NDC at both regional and national levels. For some of us who were touchline watchers of events, the reason for the defeat of the NDC so far as the NDC is concerned in the Upper West Region could not be farfetched.



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